How to get SEX by your phone with sex and relationship applications!

How to get SEX by your phone with sex and relationship applications!

If you’re pissed off to see that guys who can stay with several girls with the relationship of applications and can no success, I have good news: you may be looking in the wrong place.

Or maybe you’re doing the wrong things, the wrong things spoken or even very bad tiradofotos.

I get these applications for more than three years and have a huge success rate. Honestly, I think I ate more than 100 girls just those applications.

I am beautiful, tasty and rich? Quite the opposite.

Just discovered the best apps and I put a lot of work time to be able to reach that number.

Messed up a lot, hit a little, I learned a lot. And it is to help you to not make the same mistakes I’m here writing this article.

But I have spoken a lot about what to say and what to do, and that photos take on other site articles.

Today I’ll show you what are the best and the worst apps for you to get an easy transaction.

Bora there!


> The worst apps for sex:

Ashley Madison (

Ashley Madison (

Ashley Madison compensa para o sexo sem compromisso

Ashley Madison pays for sex without commitment
It is mandatory to pay? Yes.
It is worth paying? No way.
Number of women? Very low.
Beauty of women? Low.

Ashley Madison was created in order to provide an escape for married or committed people. The idea was that anyone who had a relationship and were bored, it was just create an account on the site that would soon get sex without commitment and discretion.

So much that is written in their logo “Life is short. Have an extra-marital affair. ”

However, despite promising so much, the site is a real crap.

Recently there was a raid on its database exposing the personal information of all users of the site.

And to make matters worse discovered some sinister things: from 90% to 95% of women who use the site were false. Of the 5.5 million women, only 12,000 entered the application and responded to questions from men. In other words, nearly 30 million men were competing for this minimum amount of women.

It turns out to be able to talk to women, Ashley Madison users need to pay (and pay dearly). For every woman that someone wants to talk to pay around US $ 5.00. Exactly, $ 5 per attempt.

But out of every 10 women who someone talk, only one would be true.

Imagine this: you try to get something with a girl you have to pay at least R $ 20.00 and has yet to get lucky to find a woman who is really.

So I choose the Ashley Madison as the worst site of casual sex over the internet.

Get away from him. There are alternatives VERY best.


Sexlog (

Sexlog análise detalhada se vale a pena

Sexlog (

Sexlog detailed analysis is worth

It is mandatory to pay? Yes.
It is worth paying? Do not.
Number of women? Very low.
Beauty of women? Low.

The Sexlog is a site created for people who like to make a couple of changes. It is a great site to get sex .. if you already have a girlfriend or a wife.

I paid and tested for a month the Sexlog and made a detailed analysis of my experience on the site.

What I learned was this: if you’re single, FLEE this site.

The site is geared for couples and just that.

First, you are required to pay to be able to talk to any user.

Second, virtually all users are couples and they are there looking for other couples.

Third, most of the women there are ugly. That is, even if you have a woman to “offer”, will have to eat an ugly woman.

And fourth, the site is turning over a virtual whorehouse in which men offer their wives for a night in exchange for a “monetary little present.”

In other words, do not spend your money on it.



ParPerfeito (

Par Perfeito e sexo sem compromisso nao combinam

ParPerfeito (

Perfect pair and sex without commitment not combine

It is mandatory to pay? Yes.
It is worth paying? Do not.
Number of women? Average.
Beauty of women? Low.

Just I put the ParPerfeito here to be able to say how much it is bad.

I was so angry with this application that not done an analysis of it in detail.

I would say that 90% of women of this site are desperate in the search for a boyfriend. And they are lacking ..

But the problem is not that. The problem is that they are boring. And they are ugly. Oh, and they are also old.

Dating Place is a website that collects women more boring, ugly, old, poor and desperate for attention that I found.

You know those women are whores if you take more than 30 minutes to answer a message? Almost all of this site are like that.

And worst of all is that you still need to pay to have the incredible opportunity to talk with that kind of woman.

Several guys are not looking just eat a mine without having to deal with her after frills, and are looking for a longer relationship these applications ..

There is no problem in looking for a woman to date these applications .. but, damn it! Looking for somewhere to have women more quality!

Do not spend your money on this site.


OkCupid (

Okcupid compensa pro sexo sem compromisso

OkCupid (

OkCupid pays for sex without commitment

It is mandatory to pay? Do not.
It is worth paying? Do not.
Number of women? Medium-low.
Beauty of women? Low.

OkCupid is a strange relationship site.

When you register you can select who is there looking for sex without commitment. The good is that it has several women who select this as well.

The only problem is that, for some unknown reason, these women are very ugly. Worse, many are extreme feminists (they even put it in the description) and several of them have the stereotype lesbian butch.

And even with this profile they are there looking for men to have sex? Well, everyone is free to do whatever you want right. But I do not feel the slightest attraction to women as well.

While doing my detailed analysis of OkCupid, we had to a girl who sent me a happy message that I have selected you wanted casual sex .. I rejoiced all, of course! I never got sex as easy in my life!

But then when I see their profile pictures, what a disappointment .. it was an ugly chubby who took full photo filters to hide the ugliness …

The few beautiful women were boring and too fresh. The effort to try to get them to bed would be so great that it would not be worth.

Considering it has many other applications out there full of beautiful women, legal and hungry for sex will not fill the bag, to waste your time with this application?


Adote um Cara (

Adote um cara site de relacionamento sexo casual

> Median applications to get sex:

Adopt a face (

Adopt a guy site casual sex relationship

It is mandatory to pay? Yes.
It is worth paying? Do not.
Number of women? Medium-high.
Beauty of women? High.

The Adopt A Guy was one of the best sites I have ever used to meet girls and take them to bed.

A lot of women more cats that I fucked using social applications was through the Adopt A Face.

They were fun, friendly, light conversation and were there to have fun. It is curious because a site with that name was to attract only poor women, desperate to get a boyfriend ..

But it did not happen. Perhaps the marketing strategy to advertise on Facebook and on TV has worked very well.

Unfortunately, recently the site has become paid and it caused me not to use him more.

Honestly, if the amount charged was lower, I would VERY worth paying. Very much.

However, the subscription is $ 65.00 per month. Without paying, you can not send messages or charms (sort of like) for any user.

But for this amount you can pay at least 3 months of Tinder or buy numerous charms of Happn, which have a more cost-effective.

Some lucky users Adopt a guy managed to continue using the site without paying, so if you are one of these, make the party!

If money is no problem for you, I also recommend you to pay for the application.

I only had good stories to him.


Lovoo (

Lovoo app relacionamento sexo casual

Lovoo (

Lovoo app relationship casual sex

It is mandatory to pay? Do not.
It is worth paying? Do not.
Number of women? Medium-low.
Beauty of women? Medium-low.

Look, I really like Lovoo.

Already got several very easy fucks with this application. And still I got a lot of girls who live close to home, because of the system to find girls close to home that works beautifully.

Generally these women are friendly, willing to go out and cute.

If you use my tips I explained in detail in this article, you will do very well. now read the tips and now install the application, you will enjoy.

But the only problem Lovoo is that it only seems to “work” for a couple of weeks after you make your registration.

Once you register and begins to like in all women as if he had never seen a tit in your life, appear dozens of beautiful and nice girls wanting to talk.

Several girls will give you like, a lot of girls will visit your profile ..

But after two or three weeks in the application it appears that the action ends.

Work around this problem is simple: just delete your account and make a new, a few weeks later.

But there comes another little obstacle that is the profile of the authentication process. You have to take a picture next to an image showing a code that they will provide, to prove that you are you.

Sometimes this authentication takes more than one week, meanwhile you are very limited in terms of sending messages and giving likes.

That aside, the application is very good. The application of the girls are there for fun without compromise. It is worth testing.

WARNING: Due to a lot of complaints on the Lovoo, I decided to investigate and found a few things about the application. Before you create your profile, check here my account.


Happn (

Happn como comer as mais gostosas sexo facil

> The best apps for sex without commitment:

Happn (

Happn like eating the tastiest easy sex

It is mandatory to pay? Do not.
It is worth paying? Worth a lot.
Number of women? High.
Beauty of women? High.

The Happn is sensational.

For me it is triggered, the best casual sex application that exists.

The number of women is huge. The beauty of women is phenomenal.

Most Happn women are there to have fun, and enjoy sex.

In addition, the matching system makes only appear women who live close to home or work. The applicants are only available to you if you like to “get close to her in real life.” In practice, only women 500m ~ 1000m distance appear in the application.

That is, you will eat women who are close to you. It is easy to take and seek.

Can you use the Happn without paying? Gives. You can even get a little action … but to really get potential suitors is essential that you pay.

In my article on how to get along in Happn, I showed you how I ate 4 different women in just one month.

I paid to get this feat, but worth it. As said in the article, I paid R $ 8.00 to get a shag.

Yes, 8 reales. Is very little.

Just thinking that this is what you pay for a beer at the bar of his Odair in the corner, you will realize that spending that money to eat a cat woman is worth.

The only problem Happn is that it is not available in most cities. Apparently, only in cities with over 100,000 inhabitants has enabled the application.

But if you live in a big city, I recommend too.


Badoo (

Badoo sexo facil sem compromisso casual

Badoo (

Badoo Easy casual sex without commitment

It is mandatory to pay? Do not.
It is worth paying? Yes.
Number of women? Very high.
Beauty of women? Low.

Now we get into the heads of the dating sites.

Badoo is simply the site that earned me easier sex all the applications I have tested in life.

I think I ate more than 50 girls this site (lost count, honestly).

Seriously, give it a read in my article on how to hack Badoo and take advantage of changes in the site. There you will see some examples of how women of this site are easy.

I’ve eaten some girls after exchanging only 10 messages.

Some of them even made the favor to cross the city to meet me close to home, and back still took the subway to get back. I did not have to take them away.

It seems that all of them are there for sex. A few are chatinhas and frescurentas, but most want fun without compromise.

You can use it without paying a penny, and in my article I show how you do it the best way possible. But pay Badoo much worth the value for money that I recommend you spend some of your money.

The only application of the problem is that most women is quite ugly .. even estragadinhas. But the moment of despair and desire to climb, there is nothing better than getting a quick sex.

You know those advertisements “ugly women want to have sex?” It would apply very well on Badoo.

And it is obvious that if you give a better sought, will always find a cutesy and a well to cats. But to get their attention you have to pay because these receive many messages per day.

I highly recommend that you test the application. very worth it.


POF – Plenty of Fish (

POF Plenty of Fish sexo facil casual sem compromisso

POF – Plenty of Fish (

POF Plenty of Fish casual easy sex without commitment

It is mandatory to pay? Do not.
It is worth paying? Do not.
Number of women? High.
Beauty of women? Medium-low.

The POF was one of the good surprises I have had in recent times.

Previously I thought the app sucks because women were very boring and fresh, but it seems that this has changed.

Today, the site has a huge amount of women and most of them are very friendly and willing to go out on a date.

In no time of the application use I was talking to so many women I did not even remember who was who.

In my article on how to get sex in POF I explained how I got so successful.

Women’s Plenty of Fish in general are more beautiful than those of Badoo. And more are also available.

I could have sex with some of them without much conversation, just being direct and fun. With a light conversation gives to lead them to where you want.

I do not know why, but the site focuses many C-class women and D. receptionists, concierges, box, call center attendant .. and almost all have only completed high school.

That’s great, because these women are the most peaceful and so do not need much discussion to take them to bed. They also want to have sex and not get a little game.

It is worth paying the POF? No not a bit.

The advantages of paying the application are very small and it costs VERY expensive.

Use your money on other apps like Badoo or Tinder.

POF recommend strongly.


Tinder (

Tinder dicas de sexo casual gostosas

Tinder (

Tinder tasty casual sex tips

It is mandatory to pay? Do not.
It is worth paying? Yes.
Number of women? Very high.
Beauty of women? Medium-high.

Finally we come to the last.

The Tinder is simply sensational. Although I like much of Happn the Tinder is the best application to use in all regions of Brazil.

The number of women is simply huge. Almost all the women I know have had account on it at some point in their lives.

And most of them are there for a reason: to have fun and to make sex.

The Tinder remains the application that has the lowest taboo among women. This is great because if you go out with a girl and continue taking it for a while, she will not feel so bad to say “he met at Tinder”.

Now she would die of shame if to say “met on Badoo” or “in Adopt a Man.”

That is, can you even keep some of these girls for a while.

It is obvious that by having so many women, many of them are there only for social validation to receive hundreds of matchs. But these are few.

Most Tinder girls are already used to go out with several guys and have sex with them on the first day.

In my article on the Tinder, I taught how to make it appear the most cats only. I also taught how to hack the location and use some functions for free.

I ALWAYS use Tinder when I travel. I do not remember the last time I got a town and there was not 2 or 3 girls waiting to leave and stay with me.

To do this you have to pay for the application or use my method.

But worth paying for Tinder? Certainly.

Super Like is great and helps a lot in time to call attention to a girl. The rest of the benefits are not there so beneficial.

Anyway, strongly recommend the Tinder too.

And what I say to get a sex with these women applications?

Now that I showed the best apps you might be asking “ok, but as I do to these women want to have sex with me?”

You need to create attraction. You need to make them safe and comfortable to go out with you.

And how to do this using only words and texts?

Well, I’m more than 3 years in this life to attract women and bring them to my house. For a long time I had a lot of trouble to get along, but in time I learned from my mistakes.

And then along the way I met the text of the game, which helped me too.

Before I could eat a woman a month, or hopefully both. Once I applied the text of the Game methods I can easily eat five women a month. By the way, if I have the same layout, I think it’s possible to eat even more.

If you are a very nice guy and the girls are willing to go out and have sex with you just by looking at you, the text of the game will not help.

But if you’re a regular guy like me, you have to do something to stand out.

My greatest difficulty was with monosyllabic girls, those cool chatting right and not respond with just “yes” or “no.” The text of the game helped me to avoid this type of situation.

Click here and hear more about the program.


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